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Brainstorming Toolbox - what it is and why would you want to buy it?

Brainstorming Toolbox is the latest software to make your brainstorming sessions quicker, better and more interesting. By having Brainstorming Toolbox on your computer you will have the best and most interactive creative prompts at your fingertips. Spark off your ideas at the touch of a button. And you can even brainstorm by yourself with this great tool. This software sparks off real ideas and solutions for new products, processes and solutions. It is like brainstorming with people who never run out of ideas and are always sparking off new ideas.

Brainstorming Toolbox provides you with:

  • Thousands and thousands of original prompts to spark off your thoughts
  • A constant brainstorming companion that never runs out of ideas
  • Dedicated software for the creation and capture of original thoughts
  • Specialised questions to help you explore alternative solutions
  • Interactive techniques for brainstorming by yourself or in groups
  • Brainstorming in groups across a network
  • Years of experience in brainstorming and creative thinking all wrapped into one package

All for the price of £24.99 UK (approx $50 US). Download it today and take advantage of our 30 day free trial.

Screen shots and explanations of how Brainstorming Toolbox works

When you first open Brainstorming Toolbox you will see the introductory screen and a list of available techniques on the left hand side of the screen. Once you have selected the technique you want to use you are shown a new prompt immediately and are ready to action. Use the prompt on the screen to develop your new ideas and write them down as you think of them, using the space in the bottom right of the screen.

Screen shot of the Random Word technique being used, click on it for a full size version:

brainstorming toolbox screen shot of random word technique

Each of the techniques has its own screen dedicated and designed specially for that technique. And because everyone has their favourite technique, you can change the order of the techniques to suit yourself:

At every stage you can save the list of your ideas and can restart your computer-aided brainstorming session at a later date with no loss of ideas. We even provide a section to help you save the list of ideas in a structured format to use in your action plan.

Pricing and free downloading the free trial

The cost of Brainstorming Toolbox is only £24.99 UK (approx $50 US). Download it today and take advantage of our 30 day free trial.

We accept all major credit cards online or by phone or fax.